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Since the Spring Festival of 2005, the Botanical Garden has set up a tour guide team, which provides charging interpretation service. Visitors can choose the interpretation according to their own needs. All interpreters have a degree in tour guide or horticulture, who can provide detailed and thoughtful interpretation service to tourists. 

For individual tourists, each interpretation is about 2 hours long; For group tourists, each interpretation is about 1.5 hours long; The interpreters shall not participate in activities other than interpretation such as dining, making tea, etc. The tourist is responsible for the fee of the sightseeing bus. Please kindly excuse us that you need to wait for interpreters during their lunch time or peak tourist season. For more information, call the Tourist Service Center 2101220  

Botanical Garden explains the charging standard

Number of visitors
1 ~ 5 people
6 ~ 20 people
21~ 50 people
51~ 100 people
50 yuan/times
60 yuan/times
80 yuan/times
100 yuan/times for every one person over 100 people, extra 5 yuan will be charged