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Sunshine price and fee publicity board

Charging unit:Xiamen Botanical GardenComplaint and Report Hotline of Price Department:12358Supervision telephone of charging unit:0592-2024785

Serial number
Charge items
Policy basis
Scenic spot tickets
Yuan/person · time
Xiamen Development and Reform Commission Charges [2018] No. 820
Valid until December 31, 2023

According to document No. 432 [2016] and No. 60 [2012] of Fujian Provincial Price Bureau, and Regulations on the Management of Parks in Xiamen Special Economic Zone, those who meet the following conditions can enjoy ticket discount:

(I) Enjoy half-price ticket discount (15 YUAN/person/time) 1. Senior citizens aged 60 or above; 2. Full-time college students with valid student ID; 3. Citizens with Xiamen Trade Union card and ID card (only for cardholder); 4. Minors aged 6 (excluding 6) to 18 (including 18).

(2) Those who enjoy free tickets

1. Children under 6 years or less than 1.40 meters tall;

2. Senior citizens over 70 years old;

3. Holders of Xiamen Senior People's Concession Card;

4. Active servicemen, armed police officers and soldiers, retired cadres, persons with disabilities, model workers at or above municipal level;

5. Holders of Xiamen Golden Egret Talent Card or Silver Egret Talent Card;

6. Student group activities organized by middle schools, primary schools and kindergartens in Xiamen.

Special note:

1. Ticket-free and preferential recipients must show valid certificates;

2. Student group refers to a team organized by the school with students as the main body. For accompanying adults, please refer to the above price to purchase tickets. 

Location fees for wedding photography
Yuan/pair · time
Tickets will be purchased separately according to the above prices

How to buy tickets:

1.  On site purchase Cash, Wechat or Apipay can be used;

2.  Search and follow the ticketing Wechat official account "Xiamen Botanical Garden" and buy tickets as prompted.

After purchasing the ticket, verify entry by scanning the QR code or the second-generation ID card of the ticket holder on the gate machine; Visitors who have purchased the discounted tickets must show the relevant identification when entering the garden. 

3.  You can buy E-tickets in advance on on-line platforms such as Lvji, Ctrip, Qunar, Fliggy and Meituan, and use your ID card or scan the QR code to enter the garden.

4.  Show the payment code of Wechat or Alipay on the gate machine to verify the entry of the garden. This method of payment can only purchase the full-price ticket, please go to the ticket window or ticket special account to purchase discounted tickets. (Since the gate machine is mainly used for ticket inspection, it is not recommended for tourists to pay on the machine to delay the passage time if there are many people queuing at the gate)  

Special reminder: "Xiamen Botanical Garden" Wechat official account is the only way to purchase discounted tickets, other on-line tickets are all full-price tickets; We have never entrusted any group buying platform to sell so-called discounted tickets and low-price tickets; All bundled tickets or discounted offers are for the platforms per se and have nothing to do with us.