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Proposal for epidemic prevention and control during winter and spring, especially during the Spring Festival
Sources:Xiamen Botanical Garden     release time:2021-01-22

Friends from the general public:

   With the approach of the Spring Festival and the winter vacation of students, the mobility and aggregation of personnel have increased, and in addition to the frequent occurrence of respiratory infectious diseases in winter and spring, the domestic epidemic situation has shown a sporadic sporadic and local aggregation intertwined situation. In order to consolidate the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in our city and ensure the safety and health of the people of the city, the following initiatives are hereby issued:

   One, stay vigilant and pay attention to protection. Resolutely overcome paralyzing thoughts and fluke mentality, and always tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control. Stay at home more, go out less, gather less, insist on wearing a good mask, keeping a safe distance of "one-meter noodle", frequent ventilation, frequent hand washing, promote public chopsticks and spoons, refuse game, and develop a good habit of civilized and healthy living.

   Second, actively cooperate to help prevention and control. Consciously obey the overall situation of prevention and control, understand and support various epidemic prevention and control measures, respect the front-line staff of prevention and control, enthusiastically help and actively cooperate with relevant departments to do information collection, temperature detection, isolation observation, community access management and other epidemic prevention and control work, do Civilized and courteous Xiamen people.

   Three, scientific understanding, rational response. Actively follow the epidemic notifications released by authoritative channels, believe in science, treat the epidemic rationally, insist on telling the facts and knowing the truth, not listening to rumors, not believing rumors, and not spreading rumors, resolutely curbing the spread of rumors, maintaining a rational, peaceful, positive and optimistic mentality, and showing Xiamen people have a good image of high quality.

  Fourth, civilized celebrations, love and guard together. Advocate in-situ festivals, online New Year's greetings, online consumption, online sacrifices, etc., implement simple and comfortable wedding rituals and funeral rituals of thick and thin burial, oppose extravagance and waste, take great care, actively participate in patriotic health campaigns, and strengthen environmental sanitation , To build a civilized and healthy urban and rural environment.

   Five, love and help, overcome the difficulties together. Civilized units at all levels, campuses, communities, villages and towns, and new era civilization practice centers must actively, scientifically and orderly carry out voluntary services for epidemic prevention and control; party members and leading cadres must do a good job of loving pairing, co-construction and assistance, and promoting "love Xiamen" ; Construction, and guide the general public to join hands to fight the epidemic and overcome the difficulties together.

   Epidemic prevention and control is everyone's responsibility, civilized and healthy, with you and me. Let us work together to build a solid line of defense for the prevention and control of the epidemic, and to work together to create a healthy, civilized, harmonious and loving social atmosphere.


Civilization Office of CPC Xiamen Municipal Committee

January 15, 2021