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Palm Garden

The Palm Garden on the east side of Wanshi Lake is actually a peninsula that protrudes into Wanshi Lake, where coconut trees, lakes, mountains and green shadows present an coconut forest island scenery in the south of China. A tea house imitating the architectural style of buildings in the Dai national minority area stands in the depth, beside which there is a lotus leaf-shaped footbridge and a lotus pond.

Arecaceae plants are mainly trees and shrubs and a few vines, mainly distributed in tropical America and tropical Asia. There are more than 2,500 species in the world and 117 species (including varieties), belonging to 18 genera, are native to China, mainly in South China and Southwest China. In addition to the popular ornamental values, Arecaceae plants can be used as fiber, food, grease, starch and medicinal materials.

The number of Arecaceae plants introduced in our garden ranks among the best in Chinese botanical gardens. In November 2011, the State Forestry Administration set up the “Palm Plant Conservation Center a national wildlife protection and nature reserve construction project” in our garden.