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Flower Hall

In a garden-in-garden pattern, the Flower Hall has a lotus pond in the center, with Nelumbo nucifera, Victoria amazonica and Nymphaea gracefully lying on it. The whole architecture adopts the traditional Chinese garden design, where five exhibition halls with white walls, pink columns and glazed tile roofs are arranged along the pond, connected either by galleries or by roads. Here different themes of exhibitions are held all year round or on holidays.

More than one hundred flowers are blooming in the Flower Hall along galleries, including Thunbergia grandiflora, Tetrastigma planicaule, Syzygium samarangense, Kigelia africana, Saraca dives, Camellia petelotii and etc. On the corner, ferns play a leading role in the shade plant area. With the old vines and moss-covered stones, a tiny space displays an infinite landscape, constituting a three-dimensional painting with unique scenery in South China. In the corner of the gallery, there are two running script stone carvings – “Yan Wu” written by the famous Chinese landscape architect Chen Congzhou and “Rong Yin Huan Shu” written by the famous Xiamen calligrapher Gao Huai.