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Wanshi Luxuriance· Wanshi Lake

Wanshi Lake has its origins in Wanshi Rock Reservoir, which was first built in 1952 as a reservoir for military purposes. Two major water systems, Shuimokeng Creek and Qiaoxi Creek, converged here to form the reservoir. Today, Wanshi Lake has become the heart of Botanical Garden. On the north side of Wanshi Lake are Pine and Fir Garden and Bamboo Trail, on the south side is Araucaria Lawn, on the east side is Palm Island and Hundred-flower Hall. Rows of Washington palms, which are native to America and have a strong austral charm, are planted on the western dam. The reflection of the lake makes a unique scene.  

Standing above the lake are the twin bridges, “Spring and Autumn” and “Heavenly Delight”. The lake surface is dotted with several waterside pavilions, such as “Yangzhi Pavilion”, “Cangqu Pavilion” and “Shiran Pavilion”. The waves ripple, creating extraordinary fun. The dramatic lake views and lush greenery have combined to form one of the top scenic spots in Xiamen- “Wanshi Luxuriance”.