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Araucaria Lawn

Araucaria Lawn, built in 1960s, was designed by Professor Sun Xiao Xiang, a famous Master of landscape architecture in China. It is located in the south of Wanshi Lake, covering an area of about 1 hectare.

There are 3 genera and 37 species in Araucariaceae, and 3 genera and 15 species are introduced in the Botanical Garden. On the southeast side of the lawn, about 10 hectares of Araucaria heterophylla forest is planted, and it is by now the largest pure Araucaria heterophylla forest in China.

Many Party and state leaders have planted memorial trees here. Chairman Deng Xiaoping, the chief architect of reform and opening up, visited Xiamen in February 1984 and planted a Cinnamomum glanduliferum here. Now this place has become a spot for people to remember the great achievements of this great man. State leaders Peng Zhen, Wan Li and Wang Zhen also planted memorial trees here.