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Xiao Tao Yuan

According to legend, Xiao Tao Yuan was the “underground villa” built by Marquess Zhenglian in Dingyuan County at the end of Ming Dynasty, and was expanded and built by Shi Lang during Kangxi period of Qing Dynasty.

Cross the Jingtong Bridge, walk on the pavement, pass the stone carving of “Die cui lian yun” and enter the cave room, then you will see peaks piled by sand and many inscriptions of poems and couplets such as “Shui Xin San Gu”, Yu dong”,“Shui ming shao,Yun xing,Shui shi sheng huaand Wan si chao yin.

The inscription of the Xiao Tao Yuan was written by Ji Xuguo in Ming Dynasty, signifying the similar scenery to the “Peach Blossom Spring” portrayed by Tao Yuanming.