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Our garden signed a living plant management system cooperation project with Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden
Sources:Xiamen Botanical Garden     release time:2021-10-09

On June 8, 2020, Xiamen Botanical Garden and Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden officially signed the cooperation documents on living plant management system. The living plant management system is an important software for the botanical garden to manage all the living plant resources, which is beneficial to the standardization of the plant introduction process, the strengthening of the management of seedlings and the simplification of the daily maintenance of plants, etc. in the garden. It is an important step for botanical gardens to realize the modern management of living plant.

To standardize the plant introduction process of our Garden and improve the information management of living plants, Liang Yuqin, the deputy section chief of the landscape branch, Dr. Ding Youfang, Dr. Chen Boyi and Master Li Yue went to Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden on June 8, 2020 to discuss the cooperation of living plant management system, where they reached a consensus and signed documents. Prior to the signing of the document, both parties discussed in detail the operation of the living plant management system, the introduction of species in the botanical garden, and network security issues of the system, and finally reached a consensus.  

Compared with the original system used in our Garden, the system developed by Chenshan Botanical Garden is more advantageous. The system can intelligently verify whether the plant name is correct through its Latin name; Intelligent match the family, genus and other related information of the plant; And standardize the plant introduction process. Meanwhile, the system is convenient for special garden managers to manage the seedling information in the area, and convenient for the assessment of staff's performance. Daily maintenance staff can carry out routine maintenance registration of seedlings and observation of plant phenology information by taking photos and upload them through mobile phone. The system is not only simple and fast in operation, but can also effectively avoid data loss caused by personnel flow.

After the theoretical learning of the system, and led by teacher Li Ping, Wang Zhengwei in Chenshan Botanical Garden, we visited Chenshan Botanical Garden backup greenhouse, exhibition greenhouse. Through the introduction application for bromeliaceae, begoniaceae and other plants in this system, we had a deeper understanding of its standard and convenient advantages.  

This agreement in cooperation between us is not only a simple cooperation between our garden and Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden on the living plant management system, but also an important embodiment of the friendship between the two gardens. In the future, we will also carry out in-depth cooperation and exchange in plant resources exchange, talent exchange and other aspects.