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Representatives of Hunan Forest and Botanical Garden came to our garden for investigation and exchange
Sources:Xiamen Botanical Garden     release time:2021-10-09

On the morning of October 28th, Hu Jundong, deputy director of Hunan Forest Botanical Garden, visited our garden for investigation and exchange. We held a discussion in the conference room of the office building. Director Zhang Wanqi, deputy Director Liu Weigang and heads of relevant departments attended the discussion.

Hunan Forest Botanical Garden, with an area of 140 hectares and forest coverage rate of 90%, is an integrated public welfare scientific research institution of scientific research, species conservation, popular science education and ecological tourism. The main purpose of their visit to our Garden was to exchange and learn from the practices and experiences of Xiamen Botanical Garden in management of garden operation and plant resource.

Director Zhang Wanqi warmly welcomed the delegation, introduced the development of the garden, and experiences in garden maintenance, personnel and organizational structure, flower exhibition, construction of gardens for specific species, and put forward some suggestions in the management and conservation of plant resources in Hunan Forest Botanical Garden. The two parties had an in-depth exchange on how to build an effective management and protection system for plant resources in the garden.

Discussion in the conference room

Deputy director Hu Jundong expressed hopes in two parties in future communication and cooperation in scientific research, germplasm resources exchange of the botanical garden plant, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, learning good experiences from each other, handling the relationship between species conservation and landscape exhibition, jointly promoting the level of scientific research, and contributing to the construction of ecological civilization.

Later, led by deputy director Liu Weigang, the delegation visited the rainforest world, succulent plant area, introduction of plants area and other special gardens. The delegation highly affirmed the construction of the special gardens and other works in our Garden.

Visit to the succulent area of our Garden