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Our "Fujian flower art" skill has won the intangible cultural heritage in Siming district.
Sources:Xiamen Botanical Garden     release time:2021-10-09

The Botanical Garden, with its elegant fragrance and melodious Fujian rhyme, breeds the unique craftsmanship of Fujian flower art. After decades of practice and innovation, our "Fujian flower art" skill won the intangible cultural heritage in Siming district this April, which is also the first project that has won district-level intangible cultural heritage.

On the afternoon of June 12, the list of the third batch of district-level representative items and inheritor certificate of Siming District intangible Cultural Heritage were issued in Siming District Cultural Center. Our representatives attended the ceremony. Since then, this skill, which embodies the painstaking efforts of generations of inheritors, has been listed in intangible cultural heritage. After the ceremony, members of "Fujian flower art" studio also gave a live flower art show and presented their works as gifts to the participants, attracting countless people. Exquisite skills and graceful works won a lot of praise, letting people feel the charm of "Fujian flower art".

"Fujian flower art" is a flower art with unique Southern Fujian characteristics gradually created through the practice and exploration of several generations of botanical gardeners such as Mr. Chen Rongsheng. It mainly uses natural flowers and plants, and through the meticulous creation of the florist, spirits are perfectly integrated into the flower, showing the beautiful and delicate nature of the flower. Since its establishment, the Botanical Garden has been collection varieties of plants and creating gardens with specific varieties of plants. Eventually, a comprehensive botanical garden is established, integrating plant species protection, scientific research, popular science, ecological protection, tourism services, urban landscaping plant promotion and application and garden engineering. In the botanical garden, gardeners use the "Fujian flower art" skill to exhibit new varieties of flowers in the main exhibition area of the Hundred Flower Hall every holiday. Artistic flower arrangement, flower atmosphere arrangement, horticultural landscape arrangement and other skills are integrated in different themes, showing the artistry of the works and the scientific nature of plant collocation with a rich variety of plants, flexible arrangement techniques, creating exquisite landscape to make the exhibition become the most anticipated visual feast for citizens and tourists. The prouder thing is that the Botanical Garden, on behalf of the province and city, participates in numerous national garden and horticultural exhibition competitions, winning a lot of prizes. From landscape exhibitions to various kinds of garden exposition, flower skills competitions, gardeners constantly gather experiences, making "Fujian flower art" more sophisticated and diversified, cultivating several inheritors for this skill and gradually enriching, perfecting and improving this skill.

"Fujian flower art" skill and the Botanical Garden are jointly developing. Based on the platform of the Botanical Garden, this skill has absorbed the essence of Chinese traditional flower arrangement, gardening skills, bonsai and calligraphy. Under Fujian traditional culture and art and through painstaking development, this skill has formed unique skill style and cultural connotation, and a high value in practical art and folk culture research; Meanwhile, after decades of practical innovation, and through the effort of generations and generations of botanical inheritors, the "Fujian flower art" skill has been constantly integrated into the landscaping improvement and exhibition of the garden, from quantitative to qualitative, contributing to the development of the botanical garden.

Emerging in the natural treasures and after long time efforts, inheritors of "Fujian flower art" will take the winning of the district-level intangible cultural heritage as an opportunity, continuously publicizing the skill and promoting the Garden to the city and further to the world. Looking back, there was solid efforts all along; Looking forward, there be the flowers flourish all over the city.