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Murraya exotica

Name:Murraya exotica

Flowering:May -August

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Morphological features: Evergreen shrubs, sometimes growing into small trees, graceful plants, beautiful branches and leaves, richly scented flowers. Cymes, white flowers, about 4 cm in diameter, Flowering Period: July to October. The berries are subglobose, fleshy and red, and ripen from October to February. The fruit is aromatic, bitter and pungent, with a numbing sensation. Growth Habit: It is a sunny tree and should be placed in a sunny place with good air circulation (at least five or six hours of direct light per day) in order to have lush foliage and fragrant flowers.  Medicinal value.:A famous stomach medicine; San Jiu Wei Tai was originally the result of scientific research at the First Military Medical University and won the People’s Liberation Army Prize for Scientific and Technological Achievements in Medicine, and was later produced by Shenzhen Southern Pharmaceutical Factory as a Chinese herbal punch for the benefit of patients. The main ingredients in its formula are the medicinal plants Melicope pteleifolia (Champ. ex Benth.) T. G. Hartley(San Ya Ku in Chinese phonetic alphabet) and Murraya exotica (Jiu Li Xiang in Chinese phonetic alphabet ), hence the name San Jiu Wei Tai taking the Chinese alphabet initials San and Jiu. Flower Language: Captive of Love